0% - visibility increase without any changes on the website

Modanisa is an e-commerce website that operates on the international market. They asked as for help with improving their online visibility on English market. 

The first thing that we did was diagnosing the client's need. We decided that the most effective in the fashion industry will be an extensive  content and outreach campaign. The great advantage were beautiful pictures on the website that we could use to create content. 

What helped us to succeed? First of all, we were focused on detailed analysis of the environment. We wanted to know as much as we can about fashion, influences, trends. That was super-useful while creating the whole strategy. The second thing was making relations with some influencers in the niche. It really works. Here is our outstanding result of outreach campaign: 

What can we recommend? Always look around in the niche and find the opportunities to find high-quality links. If you don't know how to do it - contact us!

470% increase in total reach

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