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 Our guarantee is that we promise to work with you until your manual penalty is lifted! specializes in Google penalty removal services. We know how to do it in a right way.


  • We are one of only four LinkResearchTools Certified SEO Agencies worldwide. Our team of LinkResearchTools (LRT) Certified Professionals are lead by a certified LRT Expert. 
  • Our Case Study shows we can get more backlinks than anyone else. 


1    Our proven and efficient work procedure includes: 


  • Getting links from more than thirty link sources
  • Scraping Google and other SERPs, and spammy directory entries with duplicate content, for unnatural link patterns 
  • Crawling every single backlink to see if a) they are alive and b) if they still link to your website
  • Doing reversal of spam and negative SEO that have built unnatural links to your domain

All of the above happens before we start a 100% manual, link by link, audit. 


2    More Background Information on Manual Penalties


2.1    Where do Manual Penalties come from?

If you have noticed any unusual search result behaviour for your website, it may well be the result of unnatural links from other web domains. Since Google counts these links in order to produce the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking for your website, it is really important to ensure that only natural and beneficial links are counted by Google. 

If too many of the wrong sort of links are attached to your website, you may find that your high SERP ranking suddenly drops off to a low SERP ranking, and your once visible website is now almost invisible in search results.


2.2    The  procedure Google follows when giving the Manual Penalty 

Sometimes it happens, with or without the knowledge of the web master, that a website becomes infected by a lot of unnatural links. Google is very alert to unnatural links and the possibility of them distorting search results. For this reason, Google has a Search Quality team who are constantly on the lookout for unnatural links to websites, especially those that search engine algorithms may possibly overlook.

If enough unnatural links are found, the Google Search Quality team will implement penalties against your website. Then notice how quickly a drastic drop in Search Engine rankings occurs! 

manual penalty recovery

The above graphic shows how a google penalty affects a website‘s visibility drastically. 

Along with this drop, an ‘Unnatural Links’ message from Google is sent to the webmaster stating that unnatural links to the website have been identified and that a penalty has been implemented.

2.3    Consequences

Manual penalties can have dire effects on a business, even in the case of very large and famous Brands. Not long ago the Halifax Bank was hit with a manual penalty. According to the detailed case study written by our CEO - Bartosz Góralewicz, the expense involved may be counted in millions of Pounds Sterling and analysts go so far as to say,  “Just one day without organic SEO visibility might cost…(the) financial institution tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds per day.”

3    How to not get Manual Penalties

What then is the solution, and how can we avoid becoming a target for manual penalties?
The short and simple answer is to implement ongoing Link Risk Management (LRM) and pro-actively disavow high-risk links that Google would otherwise count as an unnatural advantage to our Google search ranking. Unless unnatural backlinks are disavowed, they represent a risk that Google may apply a manual penalty. 

In order to do proper LRM, an important data gathering process is required, namely, to do a link audit on the website. Once this data has been gathered, unnatural links can be appropriately dealt with.

4    Three steps to Manual Penalty Recovery

If a manual penalty has already been applied by Google to your website, then a three step solution can be implemented to resolve the problem and get Google to remove the penalty.


4.1    Step one: gather and rate all the backlinks

LRT tool - penalty recovery

This step is often neglected even by professionals, who may well import backlinks from, for example, Ahrefs or Majestic, but this is only one of many steps required to gather all of a website’s backlinks. 

In this step also looks for duplicated links, dead links, links pointing to 404 pages, and so on. Our goal is to have organized and “clean” backlinks to your domain with as many URLs as possible.

4.1.1    We analyse and rate each Backlink in a Backlink Rating Report

using the above list, we run a report analysing how all the backlinks interact. We gather more than 36 metrics for each backlink.

Our link audits are 100% manual, meaning that each link we rate has been opened by our team and analysed by one of our certified professionals. To optimize this process and make sure our ratings are as precise as it is possible, we gather all the  metrics possible for each link in our report, thanks to which, our rating process is data-driven and precise. 

4.1.2    Why our approach and Backlink rating service is unique 

On top of the 36 metrics we gather for each backlink, we also check whether or not the content under the URL is unique. If not, we decide if the page itself is the source, or if the page content was pasted there by a Web scraper. 

If the page linking to your website has real value, we must also ask if the link placement can be counted as natural. To decide this, we look at the content of the other pages of the website linking to your organization. These are metrics that can only be checked and rated by humans, and this is why our service is such premium quality.

Furthermore, this is an approach that you will not find anywhere else. We have developed our own, unique process that is based on years of experience. In addition, by preparing a client Backlink Rating Report, you can find risk ratings for each domain linking to your website. This ensures that the client is also able to clearly see that we have done our job in a professional and effective way.


4.2    Step two is to disavow unnatural links

The disavowal process ensures that Google Search Engines will no longer count the riskier, unnatural backlinks to the client’s website. In other words, the risk related to an unnatural link is removed, and despite the unnatural link, the client is no longer at risk of receiving Google penalties.

4.3    Step three: Send a Reconsideration Request to Google 

When all the unnatural links to a website have been disavowed, all that remains is to send a manual Penalty Reconsideration Request to the Search Quality Team at Google asking them to remove the manual penalty. This they should respond favourably to, within a reasonable time period.

If for some obscure reason a reconsideration request is rejected, our system of manually rating all the backlinks can prove very helpful for the client. We do not then need to repeat our link audit, we are then simply able to disavow more of the links specified by Google as being unacceptably harmful to the search process, followed by the re-submission of a Reconsideration Request to Google.

5    Case Studies related to Manual Penalty Recovery

To see just how complex and important the manual penalty recovery process is, and to appreciate just how powerful LinkResearchTools (LRT) are, read how Halifax Bank was forced by manual penalty to take drastic cleanup action when their website lost 20% of its visibility overnight.

Similarly, Expedia Travel instantly lost 25% of their visibility through a manual penalty.

The following famous case study shows the efficiency of LRT and at finding many more backlinks than most SEO specialists are able to. 


6    In Conclusion 

If your website is performing above or below expectations in SERP rankings, the first step is to look into doing responsible Link Risk Management to ensure that manual penalties are not implemented, and to assess the measure of risk related to the current state of your website’s backlink profile. 

Furthermore, if a Google penalty has already been applied against your website, we are here to help you recover at a fast and affordable rate, using state of the art LinkResearchTools in combination with our expertise, experience and SEO know-how.


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