Google Penguin Recovery

From curing to prevention

What is Google Penguin?

Links to your website are important as Google counts them to help decide on where in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Rankings your website belongs. Google Penguin is an automatic algorithm that counts and targets links back to a website that do not conform to Google link quality Guidelines. 

When the Google Penguin Algorithm checks your website backlinks profile, it may see that many links pointing to your site are against google guidelines. If so, Penguin applies a penalty to your SERP Rankings. This penalty severely decreases your Web visibility for months, or even years, if the issue is not given appropriate priority and the necessary attention for a proper fix.

Solving Penguin Penalties

The first priority to recover from Penguin penalty is to clean up your website's backlink profile. Google Penguin Recovery service includes:

  1. Finding all the links pointing to your domain
  2. Carrying out a full manual link audit
  3. Creating a disavow file which includes all suspicious backlinks
  4. Uploading the disavow file into the Google Disavow Tool
  5. Boosting all your backlinks in order to help get Google to recrawl your links
  6. Waiting for the next Penguin update, as you cannot recover earlier (it can take between a few months and a year)
  7. Replacing the removed or disavowed unnatural links with high quality “natural” backlinks, in order to recover the high SERP ranking you had before the Penguin Penalty struck. 

Proactive Backlink Risk Management

We recommend you secure your digital assets by maintaining a clean backlinks profile. See our link risk management services. This is highly recommended, so as to avoid being caught by the Google algorithm change, and the financial loss that goes with a severe drop in Web visibility.

New real time Penguin 

Google has announced that the next Penguin Algorithm update will be a real-time Penguin algorithm, and it will be released before the end of the year. This update will simplify the recovery process, because, not only will unnatural link removal or disavowal be almost immediately noticed by Penguin, but also, our well prepared and precisely made manual link audits will enable us to speedily work on the recovery of rankings and visibility. This we accomplish by doing targeted disavowal of riskier backlinks, as well as the collection of more and better backlinks using link building techniques.

The Dates of Google Penguin updates so far:

Penguin Everflux — December 10, 2014
#6 Penguin 3.0 — October 17, 2014

#5 Penguin 2.1 — October 4, 2013
#4 Penguin 2.0 — May 22, 2013

#3 Penguin — October 5, 2012
#2 Penguin 1.1 — May 25, 2012
#1 Penguin — April 24, 2012

You will find more details on how to increase your visibility after Penguin hit here:



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Search metrics visibility is constantly growing and improving our service. Our dedicated link audit team is growing and is very active in the SEO community.


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