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Five steps to effective content marketing - the Elephate way 

1    Know the medium - online Content Marketing 

Today, advertising in the traditional sense has limited reach and charm on the Internet. Online Content Marketing (OCM)  is much more complex than the advertising of yesteryear. 

Now it is appropriate to use a large mix of communicative activities to market content. Content creations services include: writing product related blogs, using social media and video to generate interest and draw in the client, catchy headlines, slick homepages and emails. All of the above can help change casual Internet browsers into repeat buyers. 

2    Know what content marketing can do for your business.

It is generally true that if the consumer understands the products and buying options on the market, and has learnt to trust and identify themselves and their needs with a brand, they are more likely to spontaneously share this information with others, and also buy that brand and its products on offer. For this reason, our content marketing aims to teach people to trust your brand and your products enough to sign up for your blogs, share your content and buy your products.  

In addition, we know that the cliche, Content is king, is true according to the big search engine provider Google. They confirm that web pages containing really interesting and useful information related to the products you sell, will be seen and counted by search engines to help determine your website rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

A simple process

Ensure good content on your web pages, get clicks on the site, impress people with your content,  your brand becomes desirable, people share your content, people buy your products. 

As is illustrated above, if you become a recognized authority on your product range within the niche in which you operate, you gain the edge over your competition. 

This is because a trustworthy and winning image will naturally attract a larger and larger group of the right sort of people, especially those that are interested in buying your products, and they will then influence others to do the same.

3    Be careful. Content Marketing can be done wrong!

Although not all content marketing service providers are a safe bet, our SEO specialists and content marketers are committed to using accepted and productive content marketing practices. Furthermore, our case studies and transparent approach show the special care we take in this area of our services.

One needs to be cautious as sometimes, an inexperienced and unethical seller may promise fantastic results, and then in an attempt to reach unrealistic goals, may use unsafe quick-fix methods in an attempt to fool the Google search engines. 

The risk is that if your website is affiliated with one of these unreliable OCM service providers, your Web pages and content could be blacklisted by Google. This outcome would be very bad for your SERP ratings, and will definitely cause a downturn in your sales and marketing statistics.

4    Aim for great long term content marketing results

As mentioned above, when it comes to using your website content, the goal of our online content marketing strategy is to gain an ever increasing and loyal audience who trust your brand and then share their satisfaction with others through social networks, and by word of mouth. 

For this reason, we take pride in our considerable focus on building long term relationships with  influencers in the marketplace. To achieve this we use up to date digital PR strategies in positive, modern and online ways, so encouraging people with the power to influence others to benefit our clients.  

Remember, in order to outdo the competition, and to develop a good strategy for elevating your image and SERP rankings, an SEO and content marketing agency with a proven track record and a trustworthy rating is obviously a good hiring option. 

In the above connection, Elephate content Marketing specialists always strive to ensure that your website will consistently come out on top, with a much larger virtual audience, and a consistently satisfying high SERP rating. 

5    Do content to stand out among competitors as a top performer

Another aspect of content marketing that our agency does well, is that we tailor-make content marketing campaigns with the needs of each individual client in mind, we also ensure top quality service. Our highly effective and creative personnel are experienced in the competitive OCM environment. 

The fact is, our strategic  know-how puts us in an ideal position to create unique and compelling pieces of content that will aid the marketing efforts of our clients above their competitors. 

Our OCM specialists are adept at keeping in mind the niche markets in which our clients operate, as well as the general likes, predilections and buying characteristics of their target audiences. 

In addition, our data driven approach to OCM favours the use of carefully sculpted and targeted items of content for online brand promotion. We routinely distribute our clients’ image and sales messages on influential global platforms.


In sum

These are five great tips on elevating Web image through content marketing. Each one a valuable brick in in the framework on which high Web ratings and SERP rankings rest.

Finally, it is also important to mention that our content marketing approach is one which is effective in the sense that all our efforts are geared towards eventual link building, which is one of our biggest strengths. Clearly then, along with the many positives to be gained from effective Online Content Marketing, do add to the list an increase in good, content inspired backlinks. 

Just another reason to hire Elephate today!

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